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Contents: PROJECTS — pg. 1 FEATURES — pg. 7 Crossing Over — pg. 7 On the List — pg. 8 Great Places to Play — pg. 9 Food on the Waterfront — pg. 13 Gently Down the Stream — pg. 14 The Wonders of the Water — pg. 17 Making Waves — pg. 18 Fun in the Sun — pg. 19 River Recreation — pg. 20 Florida's Space Coast — pg. 21 IN THE CENTER: Turning the Tide — pg. 15 GOVERNMENT — pg. 22 COMPLETED — pg. 31 321 Launch Airport Stormwater Improvements Apollo Gardens AstroTech Blanton Park Bristol on Windover Brooks Landing Burger King Comfort Suites DeLeon Village Futuramic Huntington Park Hydrosaurus Brewing NAP Commerce Park Oak Ridge Townhomes Palmetto Complex Palmetto Ridge Pier 13 Coffee SNJ Townhomes Stinger Fiberglass Space Coast Innovation Park Swans's Storage Titusville Assisted Living Facility Titusville Apartments Titusville Chance Partners Titusville Commons Titusville Multi-Family Project Titusville Resort & Destination Titusville Square Business Building TRG Self Storage Tropic Apartments Shores at Tranquility U-Haul Valiant Air Command Space View Park Walkway New pedestrian bridge will provide tremendous views of space launches. Milken Institute Names Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, FL in Top 10 Best Performing Cities of 2023 Titusville's Waterfront Parks Chain of Lakes Fox Lake Kennedy Point Kirk Point Manatee Hammock William J. Manzo Marina Park Parrish Park Rotary Riverfront Sand Point Space View / Veterans Memorial Dining with a View - Restaurants with a front row seat to the waterfront. The Space Bar - Courtyard by Marriot New York New York Tiki Bar and Grille Shiloh’s Steak House Pier 220 Enjoying Life on the Lazy River Healing the Waters Holistic Approach to Restoration Community Engagement Innovative Solutions and Local Initiatives Our Legacy Campaign Drives Support for Port Canaveral’s $100 Million Aquarium. Conde' Nast Traveler - National Travel Magazine Spotlights Playalinda Beach. Playalinda - The Beautiful Beach Angling for Adventure Florida's Space Coast - Tomorrow Launches Here Titusville Earth Day Public Works - City of Titusville New baffle box gives glimpse into saving lagoon. Native Vegetation Buffer Zone at Sand Point Park Florida Dept. of Transportation proposes roadway improvements on southbound US 1 in Titusville. Indian River force main sewer infrastructure improvements through downtown continue. Brevard County Parks & Recreation - North Area Parks Touch-a-Truck. AR AutoReview.ai City partners with artificial intelligence firm to streamline, improve plan review process. New Business Development All Points Logistics plans $100 million processing center. Construction of Amazon’s new launch prep facility continues. Aerospace manufacturer plans expansion in Titusville. Brewery business booming in Brevard County. Local Employment Data [Titusville Police logo.] Titusville Police Department - By the Numbers Traffic Unit Getting Results Titusville Fire Department Titusville Fire gifted life-saving equipment for pets. EMS Week May 19-25, 2004 Upcoming Events Pet Fire Safety Riverwalk Apartments El Heredero Burger Rob's Maker's Mix Royal Sushi Grill & Thai Game Space Public Engagement Event Historic Preservation Board Annual Workshop

[Yellow Titusville Talking Points graphic, April 2024. Front Cover – A man and a woman stand on the bow of a fishing boat on the Indian River Lagoon, each holding a large Black Drum fish. Life Along the Water - A glimpse of Titusville as a waterfront community.]


[Photo of a playground with new equipment.] Caption: A section of the new All-Inclusive Playground at Sand Point Park that officially opened to the public on January 20, 2024.

[Graphic: Fireworks exploding in the sky with patriotic stars and stripes underneath. Red, White & Boom! Fireworks, Chain of Lakes Park, July 4 from 6 to 10 p.m. Now Seeking Sponsors. For more information contact: Heather.Kenney@Titusville.com, Phone: 321-567-3708. www.Titusville.com]

Talking Points Staff: Jim Thomas – Managing Editor; Kurtis Korwan, Shane Daily, Wil Petty – Layout/Design/Photojournalism

[Photo of a man and a woman standing on the bow of a fishing boat on the Indian River Lagoon, each holding a large Black Drum fish.] Caption: On the Cover — Clients of 2 Castaway Charter Fishing in Titusville show off their matching pair of Black Drum fish they caught in the Indian River Lagoon while on a charter fishing trip with Captain Jon Lulay. (Photo: Jon Lulay, 2castaway.com)

Inside Cover Talking Points / April 2024

Here are the Newest Updates for What’s Going On in Town

PROJECTS — pg. 1

FEATURES — pg. 7

Crossing Over — pg. 7

Newly completed pedestrian walkway bridge links Space View Park.

On the List — pg. 8

Titusville-Melbourne-Palm Bay named on national Top-10 list.

Great Places to Play — pg. 9

City boasts a plethora of waterfront parks for all to enjoy.

Food on the Waterfront — pg. 13

A list of restaurants sitting right on the river.

Gently Down the Stream — pg. 14

Enjoying life on the St. Johns River.

The Wonders of the Water — pg. 17

New Aquarium at Port Canaveral gets closer to becoming a reality.

Making Waves — pg. 18

National magazine shines a spotlight on Playalinda beach.

Fun in the Sun — pg. 19

Titusville’s closest beach offers visitors more than just a tan.

River Recreation — pg. 20

Fishing and kayaking are big on the IRL.

Florida's Space Coast — pg. 21

Titusville’s closest beach offers visitors more than just a tan.

IN THE CENTER: Turning the Tide — pg. 15

Local governments and private groups team up to heal the lagoon.


COMPLETED — pg. 31

Table of Contents Talking Points /January 2024

321 Launch

[Satellite photo of a section of land outlined in red at an airport.] A site plan is under review for a 14,400-square-foot manufacturing
building to be located at the corner of Centerline Lane and Perimeter Road, at the Space Coast Executive Airport

Airport Stormwater Improvements

[Diagram of Space Coast Executive Airport and surrounding roads.] A site plan has been approved for infrastructure improvements for TICO Airport Authority.

Apollo Gardens

[Schematic showing the intended layout of an apartment building.] A site plan has been approved for an 84-unit multi-family complex to be located along Demaret Drive.


[Site plan showing a proposed building.] A site plan has been approved for a 30,000-square-foot warehouse expansion at their facility located at 1515 Chaffee Drive.

Blanton Park

[Diagram of a city park.] A site plan has been approved for improvements to parking areas, pedestrian improvements and associated stormwater at the park located along S. Park Avenue, between Blanton and Main Streets.

Bristol on Windover

[Satellite image showing a piece of property outlined in red.]A site plan is under review for a proposed multi-family residential
development including 304 units with associated ancillary buildings and site infrastructure.

Page 1 Talking Points /April 2024

Brooks Landing

[Newly constructed homes.] Site construction continues and houses are being built at a 143-unit single-family home subdivision located along Jay Jay Road.

Burger King

[Aerial photo of a restaurant under construction.] Site and building construction are nearing completion for a 3,117-square-foot drive-thru restaurant located along S. Washington Avenue near Garden Street.

Comfort Suites

[Aerial photo of a hotel under construction.] Site construction is nearly complete for a 68,992-square-foot, 122-room hotel located on the South Helen Hauser Boulevard.

DeLeon Village

[Aerial photo of an abandoned apartment complex.] A site plan is under review for the redevelopment of an existing 39-unit
apartment complex along DeLeon Avenue.

Fox Hollow
[Photo a building in the first stages of construction.] Several multi-family quadruplexes are under development on Fox Hollow Drive.


[Photo of a white building.] A site plan is under review for a 6,000-square-foot addition to an existing manufacturing building.

Page 2 Talking Points /April 2024

Home2 Suites
[Photo of a "coming soon" sign depicting a future hotel.] A site plan is under review for an 18,536-square-foot hotel to be located
at the southern end of Helen Hauser Boulevard.

Huntington Park

[Plan showing the layout of a proposed subdivision.] Site construction continues for an 86-unit, single-family home subdivision along S. Park Avenue.

Hydrosaurus Brewing

[Design plan showing a propsed building.] A site plan has been approved for a 2,000-square-foot addition to an existing structure located on Josephine Street.

NAP Commerce Park

[Site plan for a commercial development.] A site permit has been issued for a 100,800-square-foot industrial warehouse building to be located on the southeast corner of SR 407 and Shepard Drive.

Oak Ridge Townhomes

[Aerial photo of a section of land outlined in red.] A preliminary plat/site plan has been approved for 91 townhomes to be located along Sisson Road, north of Timber Trace Lane.

Palmetto Complex

[Aerial photo of a section of land outlined in red.] A site plan is under review for four apartment units to be located at 1600 Palmetto St.

Page 3 Talking Points /January 2024

Palmetto Ridge

[Diagram of a planned condominium buildings.] A site plan has been approved for 36 condominium units to be located at 915 Sprout Lane.

Pier 13 Coffee

[Photo of a building under construction with a large mound of dirt in front.] Site and building construction continue for a 4,166-square-foot retail coffee shop and a 1,180-square-foot roasting facility, located at 1391 N. Washington Avenue.

SNJ Townhomes

[Photo of a parking lot for an development under construction.] Site construction continues as roadways and parking spaces have been completed for 28 townhomes located at the corner of Elizabeth Avenue and East Whispering Hills Road.

Stinger Fiberglass

[Photo of two broan buildings, one with a large, open, roll-up door.] A site permit has been issued for a 19,700-square-foot manufacturing facility addition located at 1525 Armstrong Drive.

Space Coast Innovation Park

[Plan diagram of a proposed industrial complex.] A site plan has been approved for three industrial buildings totaling 639,040 square feet, to be located at the southeast corner of Grissom Parkway and Perimeter Road, near the Space Coast Executive Airport.

Swans's Storage

[Plan depciting a proposed storage complex.] A site plan has been approved for 7,350 square feet of mini storage, and outdoor RV storage, to be located at 3575 South Street.

Page 4 Talking Points /April 2024

Titusville Assisted Living Facility

[Site plan of a proposed medical facility.] A site plan has been approved for a 96,894-square-foot assisted living facility to be located along the west side of US 1 just north of Silver Star Road.

Titusville Apartments

[Site plan of a proposed apartment complex.] A site plan is under review for a 150-unit apartment complex to be located at the corner of Fox Lake Road and South Street.

Titusville Chance Partners

[Site plan of a proposed multi-family development.] A site plan is under review for a 488-unit multi-family development consisting of nine building, to be located at the corner of Columbia Boulevard and Challenger Memorial Parkway

Titusville Commons

[Photo of a wooded area with a sign in front.] A site plan is under review for a carwash and three outparcels to be located at 2035 Cheney Highway.

Titusville Multi-Family Project

[Site plan of a proposed apartment complex.] A site plan is under review for a 56-unit apartment complex to be located west of Barna Avenue and south of Knox McRae Drive.

Titusville Resort & Destination

[Aerial photo of a mall with half of it removed and cleaned up.]A site plan has been approved for a mixed-use development as part of
the revitalization of the former Searstown / Titusville Mall property.

Page 5 Talking Points /April 2024

Titusville Square Business Building

[Site plan of a proposed commercial building.] A site plan is under review for a 7,345-square-foot office building to be located in the Village Square plaza at the corner of Harrison Street and Barna Avenue.

TRG Self Storage

[Aerial photo of a section of land outlined in red.] A site plan is under review for a 36,980-square-foot, climate-controlled self-storage building and covered RV and boat storage, to be located along the west side of SR 405, just north of Lillian Boulevard.

Tropic Apartments

[Diagram detailing the layout of a proposed apartment complex.]A site plan is under review for 44 multi-family apartments to be located
at the corner of Tropic Street and S. Singleton Avenue.

Shores at Tranquility

[Site plan showing the layout of a development.] The large development located north of the NASA Causeway along the Indian River Lagoon shoreline continues to move forward:

  • Phase 1: Site construction continues for 99 single-family homes.
  • Phase 2: A preliminary plat/site plan has been approved for 104 single-family homes.
  • Phase 3: A sketch plat is under review for 75 single-family homes.


[Diagram detailing the layout of a proposed storage facility.]Site construction has begun for a 16,157-square-foot warehouse and
44,238-square-foot self-storage building located along Garden Street.

Valiant Air Command

[Photo of an airplane museum building.] A site plan is under review for a 15,268-square-foot event hangar to be located at 6600 Tico Road, at the Space Coast Executive Airport

Page 6 Talking Points /April 2024

Space View Park Walkway

[Collage (clockwise): Photo of bridge construction materials; a line art rendering of the walkway; an overhead plan of the proposed walkway bridge over the water and a graphic depicting it completed; photo of a large crane on a barge placing pilings in the water; photo of the walkway nearing completion; aerial photo of the crane building the walkway; photo of the walkway under construction with the crane in the background.]

New pedestrian bridge will provide tremendous views of space launches.

Space View Park is the site of the latest upgrade to Titusville’s cityscape with its new Walkway Pedestrian Pier, a 200-foot walking pier that connects the Space View Gemini and Mercury Parks across an inlet of the Indian River Lagoon. With the installation of this new bridge, visitors to the park will no longer have to backtrack to visit both sides. The pier includes benches and lighting along the entirety of the span, and will provide space enthusiasts with a spectacular, frontrow view of launches across the river.

The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) began working on the project in 2019, and in 2020 recommended moving forward with a feasibility study. Taylor Engineering of Jacksonville, Florida was awarded the contract, and in February 2021, they presented a project concept to City Council. That May, approval was given to move forward to the construction engineering phase, and the company was tasked to produce a final design.

In June 2023, after a long evaluation process involving bids from 1,106 contractors — including 43 local businesses — the construction contract was awarded to Rush Marine, a division of Titusville-based Rush Construction. Construction began in January 2024 and was completed in April. There will be a grand opening ribbon cutting on April 22 as part of the Titusville Earth Day celebration at Space View Park.

This project meets the CRA’s plan goal of connecting the City’s parks, providing a waterfront attraction for residents and visitors to view rocket launches and take in the scenic view of the Indian River Lagoon.

[Aerial photo taken over the river, looking back at the completed walkway.]

Page 7 Talking Points /April 2024

Milken Institute Names Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, FL in Top 10 Best Performing Cities of 2023

[Aerial photo over the A. Max Brewer Parkway looking back at Titusville.]

Even with the economic pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Space Coast has continued to display its resilience and growth! 2023 marked the third year in a row that the Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, Florida area has appeared in the Milken Institute’s annual Best-Performing Cities report.

The Milken Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group that focuses on financial, physical, mental, and environmental health in an effort to measure progress towards solving global issues. Founded in 1991, Milken publishes research and studies relating to human capital, financial structures, regional economics, and more. Each year, the group creates an objective framework to evaluate the relative performance of US cities, releasing a report to document the best-performing cities in the nation.

First featured in 2021, the Space Coast appeared on the report at the number two spot in the nation, followed by a number five spot in 2022 and a number 10 spot in the newest report for 2023. While a number of factors have influenced the county’s high ranking, perhaps none are more significant than the incredible growth of population, employment, and GDP attributed to the thriving aerospace industry. Employment in the high-tech sector has grown massively in the past several years, with companies such as SpaceX and L3Harris initiating both job and wage growth in the region. Incoming employees of these big companies generally also settle down within the county, due to its regional amenities and relative affordability.

“Despite the drop, the area remains among the top 25 large cities in terms of the prominence of its high-tech industry, ranking 11th in high-tech GDP concentration and 24th in number of high-tech industries with LQ >1,” the report reads. “Brevard County’s largest city also boasts the fifth-highest five-year job growth rate, with a 12.6 percent increase in total employment since 2016.”

In addition to aerospace, the report cites pharmaceutical, machinery manufacturing, and scientific research and development as other massive areas of growth since 2016. In fact, per the report, Brevard County is responsible for the largest share of STEM-related jobs in the entire state of Florida.

With the strong state of these areas — along with aerospace and defense — we’re excited to see what 2024 has in store for the Space Coast!

Other StatsIndicatorRank
Job Growth (2016-2021)12.6%5th
Job Growth (2020-2021)4.3%36th
Wage Growth (2016-2021)41.5%17th
Wage Growth (2020-2021)10.5%55th
Short-term Job Growth (10/2021-10/2022)3.6%70th
High-tech GDP Growth (2016-2021)37.8%47th
High-tech GDP Growth (2020-2021)9.1%113th
High-tech GDP Concentration (2021)1.7311th
Number of High-tech Industries (2021)824th
Households - Broadband Access (2021)91.4%85th
Households - Affordable Housing Costs (2017-2021)70.9%94th
Households - Affordable Housing Costs (2021)71.3%81st

For more information or to review the report, visit MilkenInstitute.org/report/best-performing-cities-2023

[Milken Institute logo.]

Page 8 Talking Points /April 2024

Titusville's Waterfront Parks

[Background photo of the waters of the Indian River Lagoon.]

Titusville is nestled between the Indian River Lagoon to the east, and the St. Johns River to the west. Along with the many lakes and wetlands throughout, several city parks provide residents and tourists numerous waterfront amenities to enjoy. With picturesque parks and tranquil waters providing relaxation and entertainment, its evident why Titusville is considered the Gateway to Nature and Space.

Chain of Lakes

[Photo collage over an aerial image of the park: Aerial photo of a bicyclist on the paves trail; aerial photo of the entire park; photo of model sailboats on one of the lakes with the observation tower in the background; photo of a baseball field.] Located near Eastern Florida State College and the Indian River, this 92.14 acre regional park features wetlands and lakes with walking bridges connected to 3-miles of paved walking trails. Facilities include an observation tower, pavilions, 2 multi-use fields, 2 lighted soccer fields and concession, 2 lighted youth softball fields and concession, 5 lighted adult softball fields and concession, restrooms and parking.

Fox Lake

[Photo collage over an aerial photo of the park: Photo of new playground equipment; photo of the boat ramp into the water; photo of a large group using the main pavilion.] Built on the edge of Fox Lake, this 31.57-acre scenic getaway is ideal for large community events. A paved road loops through the many palm and ornamental trees. Facilities include family picnic shelters, grills, sand volleyball court, a fishing dock and a boat ramp (with access to South Lake from Fox Lake, and numerous channels to explore by canoe or kayak). 2 mid-sized pavilions and a large pavilion seating up to 1000 with kitchen and stage are available for rental.

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Page 9 Talking Points /April 2024

{Continued from above.}

Kennedy Point

[Photo collage over an aerial image of the park and boat dock: Photo of a pavilion; photo of the shoreline; photo of the dock with boats in the distance.] This 5.38-acre community river park features a paved shoreline walkway with benches for wildlife, shuttle viewing and fishing. There is a boat ramp with central dock, a pavilion, two grills, restrooms, and a large parking area for both vehicles and boats. The park is great for relaxing, walking, and watching launches from the Kennedy Space Center. Pavilion and green space reservations are available by contacting the Sandrift Community Center at (321) 264-5037.

Kirk Point

[Aerial photo of the park with its signature shoreline, walkway, and covered bench swings.] Kirk Point Park is located at the end of Coquina Avenue on U.S. 1 just half a mile north of Highway 50. Its convenient position close to stores and restaurants in the area, along with its riverfront view and proximity to the Kennedy Space Center and SpaceX launch pads, make it a very popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Other amenities include pavilions and picnic areas.

Manatee Hammock

[Photo collage over an image of trees at the park: Photo of the tree line near the water and pier; photo of an RV parked at the campsite; photo of a large pavilion; photo of a tent at the campground.] On the shore of the Indian River Lagoon, this 26.45-acre campground is a shaded and quiet hammock of pines, palms and foliage providing habitat to squirrels and birds. The shoreline offers a fishing pier, 2 benches, and a perfect view of Kennedy Space Center rocket launches. Campers have access to a recreation hall with a small swimming pool, fire ring, midsized pavilion, grills, 2 shuffleboard courts, and horseshoe pits.

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Page 10 Talking Points /April 2024

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William J. Manzo

[Photo collage over an aerial image of the park: Photo of the boardwalk along the shoreline; photo of the colorful playground equipment; photo of a pathway and pavilions.] This scenic 2.48-acre community river park is situated on the Indian River. The park is ideal for family fun. Facilities include a playground near restrooms and picnic facilities. Well shaded by pine and palms, this park features a paved walkway and riverfront boardwalk. Additional facilities include 3 picnic tables along the boardwalk, picnic shelters, a small pavilion, 8 grills, benches, and drinking fountain.

Marina Park

[Photo collage over an aerial image of the park: Photo of the docks; photo of one of the pavilion; photo of the skateboard and bike course.] Located north of the Titusville Marina, the facilities at this 20.35-acre community riverfront park include a boat ramp and dock, BMX Bike course, skate park, playground, restrooms, and a dog park. There are several pavilions great for a family picnic, and it is a great site for fishing along the banks, walking, skateboarding, viewing rocket launches, and site seeing. Pavilion and green space rentals are available through Sandrift Community Center.

Parrish Park

[Photo collage over an aerial image of the A. Max Brewer Bridge over the Indian River Lagoon: Photo of a couple of pavilions along the waterfront; photo of the boat ramps and docks.] This urban district river park is located on the north side of SR-402 at the A. Max Brewer Causeway from the east end of the draw bridge to the security gates for Kennedy Space Center. The 36.6-acre park provides convenient access to the Indian River for fishing, water sports, sunbathing and shuttle viewing. Recreational amenities include picnic shelters, restrooms, boardwalk, fishing pier, and boat ramps with paved parking for 46 cars and 47 boat trailer spaces. The east side of Parrish Park is open for pedestrian traffic only.

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Page 11 Talking Points /April 2024

{Continued from above.}

Rotary Riverfront

[Photo collage over an aerial image showing the park and its pier overlooking the Indian River Lagoon: Photo of playground equipment; photo of a ramp leading to a pier.] This 5.79-acre community river park along the Indian River features a playground, pavilion with grills, picnic shelters, benches, restrooms, observation deck, and a fishing pier. There are 5 pavilions, a playground and restrooms available for a nice family gathering. Pavilion Rental venue available through Sandrift Community Center site.

Sand Point

[Photo collage over an aerial image showing the main pavilion and boat ramp: Photo of brand new playground equipment; aerial photo of the Splash Pad.] Located downtown, this iconic 29.88-acre community river park on the Indian River is packed with amenities and facilities. The Astronaut Memorial Plaza is located near the south side of the park, along with an exercise trail featuring workout equipment. The park is home to an all-inclusive playground for children of all ages and a splash pad that is open during the day. Facilities include an athletic concession building, exercise trail with an 8’ wide asphalt pedway and equipment, picnic tables, picnic shelters, small pavilions, grills, playground, benches, and restrooms. A large pavilion with kitchen and grills is located near the shoreline, and the edge of the park is the perfect place for fishing.

Space View / Veterans Memorial

[Photo collage over an aerial image showing the park in Downtown Titusville: Photo of the Mercury 7 monument; Photo of a tree and memorial plaque; photo of a crows on a pier watching a launch.] Located in the downtown CRA district, Space View Park is home to the U.S. Space Walk of Fame — which includes the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Space Shuttle monuments dedicated to the people of the US space program. There is a new walkway bridge connecting the Mercury and Gemini sections slated to open in late April 2024.

Adjacent to Space View is Veterans Memorial Park, dedicated to “All Veterans of All Wars,” and consisting of an 80-foot Circle of Memories, ten granite monuments dedicated to our nation’s major conflicts from the American Revolution through the Viet Nam War, and memorials to the Tuskegee Airmen and the S.S. Leopoldville tragedy.

Both parks are prime spots to view rocket launches.

Page 12 Talking Points /April 2024

Dining with a View - Restaurants with a front row seat to the waterfront.

A list of Titusville eateries that sit right along the water’s edge of the Indian River Lagoon, offering guests a front row seat to the scenic waters and the occasional space launch.

The Space Bar - Courtyard by Marriot

6225 Riverfront Center Blvd. [Photo of the open-air lounge on the roof of a hotel.] A prime spot to watch any rocket launch from the Cape, this rooftop bar serves drinks, sandwiches, salads and more, while providing guests with an unobstructed view of the Indian River Lagoon.

New York New York Tiki Bar and Grille

5401 Riveredge Dr. [Two photos: a fish dinner; people watching a late afternoon launch.] Serving lunch and dinner right along the shore of the Indian River Lagoon, guests can enjoy many items from the surf and turf menu including Pacific cod, catfish, shrimp, chopped steak, and plenty of mixed drinks.

Shiloh’s Steak House

3665 S. Washington Ave. [Two photos: the outdoor balcony restaurant seating area; a steak meal on a plate overlooking the river.] With a large menu to choose from such as sea food, burgers, steaks, and more, guests can sit inside this two-story restaurant or lounge on the deck overlooking the Indian River, and enjoy the view as they dine.

Pier 220

2 A. Max Brewer Memorial Pkwy. [Two photos: sliders with diced potatoes on a plate overlooking the river and bridge; a Jenga game, and a crowd dancing outside at the restaurant under the bridge.] Live music, dancing, games, and fun are part of the experience as guests enjoy a menu of sea food, steaks, and specialty items at this restaurant on a pier.

Page 13 Talking Points /April 2024

Enjoying Life on the Lazy River

[Background image depicting an old Florida map, circa late-19th century.]

The St. Johns River — one of the few rivers in the United States that flows north — is one of the laziest rivers in the world. During its slow 310-mile northerly journey, the St. Johns River morphs from a marsh in Indian River County into a broad waterway with expansive views as it flows northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, dropping in elevation by less than 30 feet — or about one inch per mile. In Brevard County, the marsh becomes a navigable river, gently twisting as it crawls north.

The River is divided into three watersheds — or basins — the upper, middle, and lower basins. Because the river flows north, the upper basin is the area to the south that forms its marshy headwaters in Indian River and Brevard counties. The middle basin is the area in Central Florida where the river widens, forming lakes Harney, Jesup, Monroe and George. The lower basin is in Northeast Florida from Putnam County to the river’s mouth near Jacksonville and Mayport.

Titusville is nestled at the end of the upper basin, about three miles to the east of the river. Accessible from fish camps and boat ramps located along SR 50 or SR 46, it is in this area that the river widens and becomes extremely fishable and open for boating. The Canaveral Marshes Conservation Area, located south of SR 50 west of Titusville, offers opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, boating, canoeing, wildlife viewing, and fishing. Wildlife is abundant in and around the river and is home to many plant species and marine animals — manatees, largemouth bass and many other types of fish, crabs, shrimp and other shellfish, river otters, waterfowl, blue herons and bald eagles, and alligators and other reptiles.

[Photo of a brim on a fishing hook.]

[Photo of an airboat skimming the water, carrying people on a ride.]

The St. John’s River has long been known as one of the finest largemouth bass fisheries in the world. The Florida strain of largemouth bass grows larger than anywhere else in the species’ range and each spring many northern fishermen come to The St. John’s for a chance to catch the largest bass of their lives. Ten pounders are not uncommon. Bass isn’t the only catch of the day, however, as mullet, catfish, bluegills, shellcrackers, shiners, redfish, speckled trout, flounder, snook, tarpon and bream can also be found in the river, making this natural wonder an angler’s dream destination.

[Graphic map showing the path of the St. John's River and its three main basins: the northern-most spanning from Jacksonville down to around Port Orange is highlighted in green is the Lower Basin; the middle section, adjacent to the previous section, spanning from Palm Coast south past Orlando is highlighted in yellow and is called the Middle Basin; the southern-most region spanning from just north of Titusville down past Palm Bay is highlighted in pink and is the Upper Basin.]

Page 14 Talking Points /April 2024

Healing the Waters

Restoration of the Indian River Lagoon is a community effort.

The Indian River Lagoon (IRL), a gem of Florida’s natural beauty and a significant player in our local tourism economy, has long been facing environmental challenges, particularly concerning excess nitrogen and phosphorus pollution. These pollutants, originating from various sources including stormwater runoff and agricultural activities, pose significant threats to the delicate balance of this diverse ecosystem. In response to these challenges, the Save Our Indian River Lagoon (SOIRL) Program was initiated in 2016 through a half-cent sales tax approved by Brevard County residents with the goal of generating revenue dedicated to tackling the escalating environmental issues of the IRL, mitigating pollution sources, eliminating existing pollution loads, and rejuvenating natural filtration systems vital to its health.

The substantial funding generated by the local tax is estimated to be approximately $586 million by 2026. These funds are earmarked for a range of projects aimed at reducing or eliminating over 1.3 million pounds of excess nitrogen and 106 thousand pounds of phosphorus annually from the IRL. Such ambitious goals highlight the program’s commitment to restoring water quality and ecological balance, marking a pivotal step towards environmental restoration.

Holistic Approach to Restoration

The projects undertaken by the SOIRL Program are integral components of a broader strategy to restore the lagoon’s health. Collaborative efforts with organizations such as the National Estuary Program, St. Johns River Water Management District, Brevard County, and local municipalities have been ongoing since the 1990s. These partnerships focus on stormwater improvements, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to enhance pollution control measures and ensure sustainable water management practices.

Additionally, the SOIRL Project Plan serves as a guiding framework, identifying priority projects aligned with water quality targets. Developed in consultation with scientists, economists, environmentalists, and government agencies, this plan delineates local projects aimed at meeting stringent water quality objectives. Its annual review and updates ensure adaptability and efficacy in achieving goals related to lagoon health, productivity, aesthetics, and economic value. Regular updates and reviews ensure the plan remains adaptive and effective in achieving its objectives.

The plan is overseen by the SOIRL Citizen Oversight Committee, which plays a crucial role in ensuring accountability and transparency within the program. By evaluating project timelines, costs, and nutrient removal effectiveness, the committee provides valuable insights and recommendations for continuous improvement. Community engagement is vital, as evidenced by the active participation of citizens, businesses, and non-profit organizations in advocating for lagoon restoration efforts.

[Aerial looking south east from Sand Point Park at the Indian River Lagoon and A. Max. Brewer Bridge.] Caption: An aerial view of the A. Max Brewer Bridge over the Indian River in Titusville.

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Page 15 Talking Points /April 2024

{Continued from above.}

Community Engagement

Ultimately, the success of the SOIRL Program hinges on collective action involving public and private partnerships. The community’s engagement in reducing nitrogen and phosphorus outputs from residential and commercial sources is vital. To that end, multiple non-profit groups have joined the fight to save the lagoon through continued dedication, innovation, and collaboration.

[Photo of a group of people in the river with large containers of oysters.] Caption: Volunteers with the Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition work to restore oyster reefs. (Facebook/BIRLC).

One such entity is the Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition — an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit, nonpartisan organization, which acts as a unifying force — rallying volunteers, businesses, and organizations toward the goal of saving the IRL.

Through education, support for community initiatives, regular progress updates, and by fostering awareness, collaboration, and advocacy, the coalition works to achieve their vision of a lagoon with “clear waters, alive with lush sea grass beds, thriving fish, birds, manatees and dolphins – a healthy place where our families can play.”

The coalition also serves as an online hub, providing a wealth of information, lagoon news, and resources for individuals and organizations looking to make a difference. From scientific insights to practical conservation tips, the coalition’s online platform empowers stakeholders with the knowledge and tools needed to contribute effectively to lagoon health. Using community forums called Lagoon Straight Talks, the coalition also provides a unique opportunity for direct engagement. With guest speakers sharing expertise and interacting with citizens, these talks foster dialogue, expand knowledge, and inspire action.

Innovative Solutions and Local Initiatives

At the local level, The City of Titusville has implemented innovative stormwater projects to mitigate nutrient pollution entering the lagoon. Stormwater ponds, floating wetlands, and baffle boxes are among the strategies employed to reduce pollutants before they reach waterways. These projects, complemented by the Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP), demonstrate a proactive approach to water quality restoration and environmental sustainability.

[Graphic detailing the parts of a baffle box.] Caption: Diagram showing inside a Nutrient Sifting Baffle Box similar to the devices used in Titusville.

Stormwater ponds act as natural filtration systems, capturing pollutants and improving surface runoff quality. Floating wetlands mimic natural wetland processes, enhancing water quality by filtering contaminants. Baffle boxes, specialized structures designed for sediment and pollutant removal, contribute significantly to reducing nutrient levels in stormwater runoff. Titusville’s proactive measures have already shown tangible results, with substantial reductions in nitrogen and phosphorus levels recorded in the lagoon.

Page 16 Talking Points /April 2024

[Artist rendering of inside the aquarium planned for Port Canaveral, depicting people looking at fish.] Caption: Artist rendering of an exhibit at the proposed aquarium. (Brevard Zoo)

[Insert photo: artist rendering depicting the aquarium at Port Canaveral as it would appear from the air.] Caption: A rendering of the future Port Canaveral Aquarium Rendering as it will be seen from the air. (Brevard Zoo)

Our Legacy Campaign Drives Support for Port Canaveral’s $100 Million Aquarium.

Significant developments have occurred as Brevard Zoo seeks to make their Port Canaveral Aquarium project a captivating addition to the region’s landscape. Situated on a sprawling 14-acre parcel along the Banana River, just south of SR 528 near the Exploration Tower exit, the $100 million venture is currently in the design-engineering process and is set to commence construction by October 2024, with the initial phase scheduled for completion in early 2027.

The Brevard Zoo has played a pivotal role in driving this project forward, successfully raising $55 million through its parent organization, the East Coast Zoological Society. The Our Legacy campaign, orchestrated by the East Coast Zoological Society, has proven instrumental in garnering support for the Port Canaveral Aquarium. Bolstering this initiative, the Brevard County Commission approved a $5 million tourism-tax grant in September 2022, supplementing a prior grant of $10 million.

The aquarium aims to draw approximately 525,000 annual visitors, fostering an economic impact of nearly $85.5 million for the local area. Furthermore, the project is expected to generate around 100 full-time jobs, complementing the existing workforce at Brevard Zoo.

The thematic focus of the Port Canaveral Aquarium will center on the natural waterways of the region, notably the Indian River Lagoon and the St. Johns River. Comprising both indoor and outdoor exhibits, the aquarium seeks to immerse visitors in the realms of science, adventure, and exploration, while also delving into the region’s rich history, encompassing space exploration, sport fishing, the shrimping industry, and the allure of its pristine beaches.

Page 17 Talking Points /April 2024

{Continued from above.}

A standout feature of the Port Canaveral Aquarium is its integration of the nearby Banana River, offering an authentic portrayal of dolphins and manatees in their natural habitats. Dr. Duane De Freese, Executive Director of the Indian River Lagoon Council and Indian River Lagoon National Estuary, emphasized the transformational impact of the aquarium project on the Indian River Lagoon, underscoring its role in species recovery and habitat restoration.

The Our Legacy campaign continues to mobilize support for the project, with a dedicated website, ourlegacycampaign.org, providing information and avenues for donations. Importantly, the website outlines that in the event the aquarium project does not materialize, all contributed funds will be directed to the East Coast Zoological Society of Florida’s highest-priority needs.

[Rendering of the entrance to the proposed aquarium.] Caption: Rendering of The Aquarium Project beach entrance with people. (Brevard Zoo)

Adding to the momentum, Ron Jon’s founder Ron DiMenna, and his wife Lynne, have generously contributed $2 million to the Future Aquarium and Conservation Center. This substantial gift, the third-largest private donation to the campaign, will specifically contribute to constructing the beach-themed entrance complex, named in honor of Ron Jon Surf Shop and the Surfing’s Evolution & Preservation Foundation.

Brevard Zoo’s Chief Executive Officer, Keith Winsten, expressed gratitude for this notable contribution, highlighting its substantial impact on realizing the world-class facility’s vision. With this gift, Brevard Zoo has surpassed the two-thirds mark of its $100 million fundraising goal. Additionally, a significant $2.5 million gift from Blain and Annette Nelson will play a pivotal role in funding the Canaveral Lock exhibit at the future Aquarium and Conservation Center. This marks the third largest private donation to the Our Legacy Campaign and underscores the Nelsons’ commitment to supporting environmental education, conservation, and rehabilitation awareness for the coastal ecosystem.

The Canaveral Lock exhibit will showcase a 32,300-gallon sea life habitat emulating the underwater infrastructure of the lock system. The exhibit will provide immersive experiences and convey essential knowledge to inspire sustainable practices for the future.

Now that the campaign has reached the halfway mark through the private fundraising efforts, it’s full steam ahead as they open up to public contributions to reach their $100 million goal.

As the Port Canaveral Aquarium takes shape, the community is grateful for the generosity of these contributors, who play a vital role in shaping a facility that will celebrate and conserve the region’s diverse coastal ecosystems and wildlife for generations to come.

[Our Legacy logo.]

Conde' Nast Traveler - National Travel Magazine Spotlights Playalinda Beach.

[Photo of a child running along a boardwalk leading out to the ocean. (Space Coast Office of Tourism)]

In a recent feature, Conde Nast Traveler magazine has brought to light the hidden gem of Playalinda Beach as the ultimate day trip destination for beach enthusiasts within a three-hour drive of Orlando.

Nestled along the Canaveral National Seashore, Playalinda Beach offers a natural and undeveloped coastline, making it a nature lover’s paradise and a haven for those seeking a relaxing day at the beach.

The article features several unique attributes of the coastal attraction, including the nesting habitat of sea turtles, particularly loggerheads and green turtles, and the lure of the sandy bottom beach break appealing to surfers, with its gently rolling waves. The article also touches on the local scene, including mentions of the Playalinda Brewing Company and the Rooftop Space bar. To read the article in full check out the full article at:


[Photo of four young adult surfers on the beach. (Space Coast Office of Tourism)]

Page 18 Talking Points /April 2024

Playalinda - The Beautiful Beach

[Photo of a the shoreline at Playalinda Beach.]

Playalinda Beach, located just north of Kennedy Space Center, is the southernmost of three public beaches within the expansive Canaveral National Seashore, which also includes Apollo and Klondike beaches. Renowned for its unspoiled beauty, Playalinda’s shoreline stands as one of the most pristine and natural beach fronts in Florida.

The name Playalinda is Spanish for “beautiful beach,” and in keeping with undisturbed and minimalist encroachment on the natural landscape, Playalinda offers only restroom facilities, with no concessions or showers located on the property. The 24 miles of undisturbed coastline is inviting to those seeking a return to nature, making Playalinda a perfect destination for outdoor adventure seekers.

The historical roots of Playalinda Beach can be traced back to the Timucuan Indians, who centuries ago, gathered and processed clams on the site, leaving behind a towering mound of discarded shells, now believed to be over 500 years old.

Another noteworthy event was the dramatic conclusion of a world record long-distance flight attempt in 1928 when Harry Brooks, a test pilot for Henry Ford’s Flivver airplane, landed on Playalinda Beach after falling short of his flight from Detroit to Miami. After repairing the leaking plane and damaged propeller, Brooks took off again but mysteriously disappeared, with the wreckage later spotted a mile off the coast of Melbourne Beach.

[Black and white photo of a group of men around a small airplane on the beach, circa 1928.] Caption: Test pilot Harry Brooks on the sitting on the wing of the Ford Motor Company’s Flivver aircraft after a mid-air mishap.

Today, Playalinda Beach welcomes visitors from all over the world, who come to enjoy the seashore’s various outdoor activities such as onshore fishing, birdwatching, surfing, hiking, kayaking, and the occasional rocket launch.

Playalinda has a gated entrance restricting access during certain times of the day. In the winter, the beach is open from 6 AM to 6 PM, while in the spring, summer, and fall, the hours are 6 AM to 8 PM. Vehicle entrance fees vary, with options for cars, motorcycles, pedestrians, and commercial tour vehicles, ensuring that Playalinda Beach remains a well-maintained and accessible destination for nature enthusiasts and beachgoers alike.

[Photo of a kite surfer on the water.]

The Indian River Lagoon and surrounding waterways leading to the beach support a diverse population of wildlife and a vast array of Florida native species, providing ample opportunities for birdwatching. Bird enthusiasts can relish the sight of regularly migrating fowl, including wading birds, shorebirds, gulls, raptors, and terns. The park’s main draw during fall and winter is the possibility of spotting pelagic birds. At the same time, Osprey and Bald eagles are known to inhabit the area, nesting atop towers and perches along the Black Point Wildlife trail.

[Photo of people gathered with camera and scopes to watch birds in the woods.] Caption: Bird watchers observe some of the diverse aviary population near Playalinda.

[Photo of a baby sea turtle on the beach tryin to make its way to the water.] Caption: A baby sea turtle begins its long trek to the sea.

Florida native species, providing ample opportunities for birdwatching. Bird enthusiasts can relish the sight of regularly migrating fowl, including wading birds, shorebirds, gulls, raptors, and terns. The park’s main draw during fall and winter is the possibility of spotting pelagic birds. At the same time, Osprey and Bald eagles are known to inhabit the area, nesting atop towers and perches along the Black Point Wildlife trail.

Down on the ground, Canaveral National Seashore is a crucial nesting area for four types of sea turtles: loggerhead, green, leatherback, and Kemp’s Ridley. Sea turtle nesting on these beaches has been recorded since 1985. Nature lovers are even able to take part in a turtle watch program, by reservation only, during June and July.

The park’s Mosquito Lagoon side offers a fishing platform for anglers, complementing the miles of shoreline for offshore fishing.

The beach is also a haven for local surfers, with a sandy bottom and gentle breaks providing an ideal setting for both beginners and moderate surfers. Be sure to stop by local businesses in Titusville for any last-minute needs before crossing the A. Max Brewer Bridge, as there are no shops at the beach. Also heading south from parking area 1, the beach is closed to public access, as this area fronts the space center and is restricted.

On the topic of rockets — for space fanatics, Playalinda Beach offers the closest view of rocket launches available to non-NASA guests. Several launch pads are visible from the beach, including Launch Pad 39 A and B. Park Rangers recommend arriving early due to NASA’s security restrictions surrounding launches. Launch viewing is limited to the operating hours of the seashore, depending on the season.

Playalinda Beach has always been a treasure to local residents and has grown to be a destination for visitors from around the world. If you make a trip to visit, enjoy yourself, and please be sure to clean up any trash or other items; let’s make sure we keep the beach pristine and wonderful for generations to come.

[Photo of a crowd on the beach watching a rocket launch.]

Page 19 Talking Points /April 2024

Angling for Adventure

Fishing and kayaking have grown to be two major attractions for tourists to the area, bringing people from all over the world to our waterways every year. Whether its paddling out in the dark of night to see the irridescent glow of tiny water organisms, or reeling in a big ‘ol fish, the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoons have earned a top spot for adventure seekers.

The calm waters of the IRL often yield large bounty as anglers, strike out in their own boars, or with a charter fishing company, to hook a trophy redfish, gator seatrout, tarpon, jacks, snook, bream or even the infamous largemouth bass.

[Photo of three people on a boat holding up fish.] Caption: Captain Jon Lulay, of 2 Castaway Fishing Charters in Titusville, poses with two of his customers and their catch on the Indian River Lagoon. (Photo: Jon Lulay, 2castaway.com)

Surf fishing from the Canaveral National Seashore is also very popular with many anglers, affording the opportunity to catch pompano, whiting and bluefish, as well as jacks, Spanish mackerel, black drum and more.

Charter fishing is big business in the Titusville area with many companies operating on the lagoons. One such business is 2 Castaway Fishing Charters, owned and operated by Captain Jon Lulay, who regularly takes out of town guests on day trips out on the water to try and catch “the big one.”

[Photo of a man holding a large fish.] Caption: Captain Jon Lulay, of 2 Castaway Fishing Charters in Titusville, holds up a trophy redfish he caught on the Indian River Lagoon. (Photo: Jon Lulay, 2castaway.com)

Guided kayaking adventures are an exceptional experience for outdoor enthusiasts, and along the Indian River Lagoon in Titusville is a great spot to start from. As dusk falls, paddlers can immerse themselves in the enchanting glow of bioluminescent waters or catch a glimpse of monumental rocket launches mere miles away from NASA’s launch sites.

Titusville’s bioluminescence tours offer a unique experience. As night falls, microscopic organisms called dinoflagellates light up the waters of the Indian River Lagoon, creating a stunning natural light show. Paddling through these bioluminescent waters feels like gliding through a dream, with each stroke of the paddle igniting a burst of ethereal blue-green light. Kayakers can witness this magical phenomenon with guided tours led by experienced professionals who provide insights into the science behind bioluminescence while ensuring a safe and memorable adventure.

[Photo of bioluminescence in the wake of a boat at night.]

Our city’s proximity to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center affords kayakers a unique opportunity to witness rocket launches up close. Whether it’s a SpaceX Falcon launch or a NASA mission, kayakers can experience the thrill of witnessing history in the making.

Several kayak tour vendors in the Titusville area cater to both novice paddlers and seasoned adventurers, offering a variety of guided tours and rental options to suit every preference. A few notable venders include Kayaks by Bo, BK Adventures and A Day Away Kayak Tours.

Whether you’re seeking a tranquil paddle through mangrove forests, a magical encounter with bioluminescent waters, or a front-row seat to rocket launches, the Indian River Lagoon offers a kaleidoscope of outdoor adventures for kayaking enthusiasts.

[Photo of a group of kayakers in the river watching a rocket launch.]

Page 20 Talking Points /April 2024

[Florida's Space Coast logo.]

Florida's Space Coast - Tomorrow Launches Here

Embark on a journey into the future with the inauguration of the groundbreaking community brand, “Florida’s Space Coast: Tomorrow Launches Here.” Unveiled at the King Center during the 2024 Annual Meeting of the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast, the Space Coast’s new brand campaign symbolizes an unwavering commitment to shaping the path forward.

“I am privileged to be a part of the board that unveiled this new community brand — these are momentous times on the Space Coast,” said Erin Akins, President of the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Distinguished by dynamic hues, an iconic logo, and the resonant tagline “Tomorrow Launches Here,” this brand underscores Florida’s Space Coast as the paramount launchpad for aerospace.

[Photo of two women in front of a sign.] Caption: Carla McRae, Space Coast EDC Board Member, and Dr. Sarah Stoeckel, Titusville City Council Member.

[Photo collage: A rocket launch; a crowd of people along the river watching a launch; technicians working on piece of high-tech equipment.]

“[This new branding] captures the essence of our community as a place that not only dreams of the future but actively shapes it,” said Lynda Weatherman, President and CEO of the Economic Development Commission. Forged through a collaborative initiative spanning 1½ years and spearheaded by the EDC, this brand assumes a critical role in economic development – attracting and retaining talent and businesses.

Brett Esrock, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Operating Officer of Health First, led the “Mission Space Coast” branding initiative, overseeing a 23-member “Brand Reporting Board” comprised of community leaders. The initiative encompassed 40 community conversations, six local focus groups, surveys of Brevard residents, and nationwide surveys, engaging a total of 3,166 individuals in the project.

We invite you to join us on this journey into the future, where Tomorrow Launches Here on Florida’s Space Coast.

Page 21 Talking Points /April 2024

Titusville Earth Day

April 22, 2024, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 10 Broad Street, Titusville, FL 32796

  • Tree Giveaway
  • Food Truck
  • Environmental Education
  • Space View Park Pedestrian Pier Grand Opening

For more information on this event, please contact Abigail Trout, 321-567-3779, Abigail.Trout@Titusville.com

Page 22 Talking Points /April 2024

Public Works - City of Titusville

New baffle box gives glimpse into saving lagoon.

Construction was recently completed on the Sand Point Park Baffle Box located within the park near the Indian River Lagoon. What makes this box different from the 12 others installed throughout the city is that it features a clear observation top which allows citizens to observe the treatment process in action.

A Baffle Box is a structure with a series of settling chambers whose primary function is to remove sediment, debris, trash, and associated pollutants from stormwater. The box is then vacuum cleaned and the material is properly disposed of, preventing the it from entering the lagoon. There is also a filtration media used to remove total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP), total suspended solids (TSS), and pathogens from the water before it enters the Indian River Lagoon.

This box is a great educational tool to help inform citizens about the projects being implemented to improve the health of the Indian River Lagoon. It was funded with assistance from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and Brevard County’s Save our Indian River Lagoon Plan, which allotted $137,135 to help fund the project.

[Photo of a baffle box with green lid and windows.] Caption: The new baffle box in Sand Point Park with its clear top.

[Photo inside of a baffle box.] Caption: Inside the baffle box.

Native Vegetation Buffer Zone at Sand Point Park

[Photo of people planting vegetation along the edge of a river.] Caption: Volunteers help implement a buffer zone for Sandpoint Park in Titusville. (Photo: The Brevard Zoo/For Hometown News)

[Photo of the newly planted greenery.] Caption: The finished buffer zone.

In partnership with the Brevard Zoo’s Restore Our Shores program, Sand Point Park now features a 960-square-foot Native Vegetation Buffer Zone. These zones help to remove nutrients from stormwater, create no-fertilizer and no-mow buffers to prevent herbicides and lawn clippings from entering the Indian River Lagoon, and provide a habitat and forage for local wildlife.

The Brevard Zoo staff, a volunteer group from the Titusville Tree Team, and other local volunteers prepped the site, installed landscape edging, and planted the Florida native vegetation throughout the month of December 2023.

To learn more about the Restore Our Shores Program, visit the Brevard Zoo’s wesbite at RestoreOurShores.org

Florida Dept. of Transportation proposes roadway improvements on southbound US 1 in Titusville.

[Graphic depicting the section of US1 (N. Washington Ave) from the Florida East Coast Railroad to Marina Road. The southbound lanes will be resurfaced, and will include a 6-foot bike lane, and two 12-foot car lanes.]

TITUSVILLE, Fla. (February 15, 2024) — The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has proposed improvements to US 1 in Titusville in a comprehensive effort to repave the southbound travel lanes, ensuring smoother and safer journeys for commuters. Additionally, significant upgrades to traffic signals are planned at pivotal intersections along this stretch, including Garden Street (SR 406), Main Street, Julia Street, South Street (SR 405), and Grace Street.

[Graphic depicting the section of US1 (N. Washington Ave) from Marina Road to Garden Street. The southbound lanes will be resurfaced, and will include two 12-foot car lanes.]

Highlighting the paramount importance of pedestrian safety, the project includes various enhancements aimed at improving accessibility and safety for pedestrians. These enhancements are comprised of the installation of improved crosswalks, reconstruction of pedestrian curb ramps to comply with the current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, and the construction of sidewalks to seamlessly connect to existing bus stops. The proposed improvements are part of the FDOT’s ongoing efforts to enhance transportation infrastructure in Titusville and ensure the safety and convenience of residents and visitors alike.

[Graphic depicting the section of US1 (S. Hopkins Ave./Edison Ave.) from Main Street to Grace Street. Both southbound lanes will be resurfaced, and will include a 5-foot sidewalk on the west side, a 7-foot parking lane, two 11-foot driving lanes, and a 6-foot sidewalk on the east side.]

{Continued below.}

Page 23 Talking Points /April 2024

{Continued from above.}

The project is expected to significantly improve the overall quality of the roadway and enhance the safety and accessibility of the area for pedestrians.

[Graphic depicting the section of US1 (S. Hopkins Ave.) from Garden Street to Main Street. Both southbound lanes will be resurfaced, and will include a 5-foot sidewalk on the west side, two 11-foot driving lanes, a 4-foot bike lane, and a 5-foot sidewalk on the east side.]

FDOT is currently in the design phase of the project, with a design cost of $1.1 million. Construction is estimated to cost $2.9 million, with work expected to commence after the design phase is completed. The letting or bidding date for interested contractors for the project is set for 09/04/2024. The design for this crucial infrastructure project is being spearheaded by Moffatt & Nichol, Inc. The project is poised to significantly enhance the quality of transportation infrastructure in Titusville, fostering safer and more efficient mobility for all.

Indian River force main sewer infrastructure improvements through downtown continue.

[Photo of heavy equipment and large pipes along a section of road that has been dug up.]

Construction for the Indian River Force Main Project includes replacing approximately 8,000 feet of existing 12-inch sewer line with a new 16-inch sewer line from South Street to the Osprey Water Reclamation Facility on Buffalo Road in north Titusville. The force main replacement began in late January and is still ongoing.

[Photo of an excavator digging up a road.]

As of April 8, 2024, construction crews were scheduled to work along Marina Road and along Indian River Avenue between City Hall and Orange Street for the next several weeks. Construction in these areas will include intermittent single lane closures to through traffic, however, roads will remain open to local traffic for residents and businesses in the area.

[Satellite image marking the stretch of road behind Titusville City Hall being worked on with a red line and a purple dashed line.] Caption: A satellite map of Downtown Titusville, showing the construction area that runs along Indian River Avenue behind city hall.

Public Works crews are working with the contractor to minimize the effect of the closures on residents, and closures will be limited to block segments at any one time. Anticipated closures will be posted on Titusville’s website and social media at least 36 hours prior to occurrence. Titusville residents should check the website for the latest information on the project.

[Aerial photo of the Titusville Marina.]

Page 24 Talking Points /April 2024

Brevard County Parks & Recreation - North Area Parks Touch-a-Truck.

[Graphics depicting large trucks and other heavy vehicles.]

Sand Point Park, 101 N. Washington Ave, Titusville, FL 32796

Saturday, April 27, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

[Graphic if an orange hand print]

Free Activities: Activity booths, bounce houses, cool-down zone, playground, outdoor games, splash pad, and much more!

Touch-a-Truck is free! Family-oriented even open to all to play, explore and discover more fun by interacting with awesome machines.

For more details & Updates visit our events page: Facebook@BrevardParks.

Sign up as an exhibitor for free! Setup and exhibit, display and/or vehicle to promote your organization and impress attendees! Pre-registration is required. Form and submission details at Facebook@BrevardParks.

Page 25 Talking Points /April 2024

AR AutoReview.ai

City partners with artificial intelligence firm to streamline, improve plan review process.

The City of Titusville today announces its partnership with AutoReview.AI, an award-winning company dedicated to revolutionizing the built landscape through intelligent tools. Titusville joins several other local governments in Florida, including Hernando County, Pasco County, the City of Altamonte Springs, the City of Gainesville and others who are also automating aspects of their plan review process with AutoReview.AI.

“We are looking forward to working with the City of Titusville and expanding to the Space Coast,” said Rob Christy, CEO of AutoReview.AI. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help speed up development projects in the region.”

Titusville is home to the Kennedy Space Center and is a forward-thinking city dedicated to seeking innovative solutions that enhance the lives of its residents. The decision to work with AutoReview.AI underscores the city’s devotion to cutting-edge technologies, driving efficiency and improving government services.

“The City of Titusville is proud to implement AutoReview.AI’s innovative technology,” said City Manager Scott Larese. “This partnership underscores our commitment to providing excellent services to our residents. By equipping our talented staff with cutting edge tools to assist in the review process, we are continuing to improve efficiency through technological advancement in municipal governance.”

[Photo of a city employee working at a computer.] Caption: Titusville Building Official Steve Adams reviews plans for a new construction project in town.

In joining forces, the City of Titusville and AutoReview.AI intend to exemplify the boundless benefits and potential of utilizing AI responsibly to drive positive change in local communities. The strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in the adoption of AI within government processes.

“The city looks forward to working with the team at AutoReview.AI to streamline the permit review process, which will benefit both residents and builders alike,” said Titusville Community Development Director Brad Parrish.

Partnered with the University of Florida, AutoReview.AI company is driven by a passion for innovation and a determination to streamline cumbersome processes. Its technology enhances existing manual, human-centric processes by automating them, improving accuracy and allowing individuals and organizations to allocate time and resources more effectively.

[Photo of a computer screen displaying architectural plans.]

“AutoReview.AI saves time by automating the most tedious human elements of site plan review. Not many planners want to spend their time counting trees, measuring setbacks, etc.,” added Christy. “This helps community development, improves accuracy, and allows governments to reallocate staff time for other critical tasks. Almost all local governments have backlogs with permits, and this frustrates developers.”

About AutoReview.AI: AutoReview.AI seeks to simplify compliance reviews for land and building development across the world by revolutionizing the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry rapidly, accurately and comprehensively. The company is a pioneering force within the construction and property technology ecosystem, setting new standards for innovation and efficiency. Its award-winning, patent-pending software empowers precise, complete and consistent automated building and zoning reviews, reshaping the landscape of the permit review process. Owned in part by the University of Florida, AutoReview.AI is an American-owned company. All data is securely hosted in the United States. For more information, please visit AutoReview.AI.

Page 26 Talking Points /April 2024

Troy Post, North Brevard Economic Development Zone

The region of North Brevard is an area of East Central Florida that encompasses the City of Titusville, as well as the surrounding communities of Mims, Scottsmoor, and Port St. John. Over the past several years, this community has experienced significant economic growth in not only the aerospace sector — due to its proximity to Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station — but also in other sectors as well. Multiple out-of-state businesses have made the decision to relocate to the Titusville area to take advantage of the economic incentives provided, bringing thousands of jobs to the area.

New Business Development

All Points Logistics plans $100 million processing center.

[Rendering of an aerospace building.]

All Points Logistics, a technical services and aerospace technology firm, has announced plans to build a new 260,000 sq. ft. spacecraft processing center and a 270,000 sq. ft. logistics center on a sixty-acre parcel at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in north Brevard County; the complex is expected to take eighteen months to construct, following completion of engineering and architectural plans. The project is expected to cost more than $100 million. The spacecraft processing center will feature several high manufacturing bays, to handle large spacecraft and fairings, some of which have a diameter of 32 feet (10 meters). [Payload fairings are the coverings that protect a spacecraft against the aerodynamic, thermal, and acoustic phenomena forces that act upon it during boost phase.] At present, there is a strong need for these larger bays to accommodate the processing of bulkier satellites and spacecraft.

According to the company’s Vice-President of Business Development, Kevin Brown, the new complex will service the needs of NASA and the U.S. Space Force, along with other commercial aerospace companies. Both facilities will have the capacity to host workers from aerospace firms outside Kennedy Space Center and the Central Florida region, as crews from those companies prepare spacecraft and satellites for launch. Once fully operational, the two facilities are likely to employ 200 people.

To learn more about the company, visit www.AllPointsLLC.com.

Construction of Amazon’s new launch prep facility continues.

[Photo of a group of people with a structural beam.]

Amazon continues construction work on its new assembly facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, which will serve as final processing and launch preparation center for its Kuiper satellite system; the project is anticipated to employ 50 technicians and aerospace engineers. The 100,000 sq. ft. facility will feature several high bays (measuring 100’ in height) and will cost more than $120 million to build. Deployed into low Earth orbit by United Launch Alliance (ULA) and Blue Origin rockets, Kuiper will be an array of approximately 3,000 satellites. With half the world currently lacking Internet connectivity – impacting the quality of education, the delivery of services, and goods distribution – the Kuiper system will provide customers worldwide with access to high-quality broadband, even in remote areas.

For more information on Project Kuiper, go to www.AboutAmazon.com.

[Artist rendering of the proposed Amazon space facility.]

The new Amazon facility is located near NASA’s former Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF) – one of the world’s longest runways, at almost three linear miles – in a manufacturing area being developed by Space Florida, the state’s aerospace economic development agency. Renamed the Launch and Landing Facility (LLF), the area provides aerospace firms seeking industrial sites at KSC with year-round access to restricted airspace, far from populated areas along the coast. [Florida consistently ranks among the top states for aerospace industry employment, with more 17,000 aerospace-related companies, and over 130,000 employees, as reported in a recent survey of the industry.]1

Visit www.SpaceFlorida.gov for learn more about the LLF and Space Florida’s efforts to develop it.

{Continued below.}

Page 27 Talking Points /April 2024

{Continued from above.}

Aerospace manufacturer plans expansion in Titusville.

[Photo of a person in a hazmat suit working on a delicate piece of equipment.]

Futuramic, a Michigan-based company that provides advanced engineering, fabrication, and machining services to the automotive, aviation, and aerospace industry, has announced plans to build a 6,000 sq. ft. addition to its existing 12,000 sq. ft. assembly and manufacturing building on Garden Street near downtown Titusville. The company, which services both commercial aerospace companies and government missions for NASA and the Space Force, purchased the site in 2022, with plans to create a business campus on adjoining property. The company anticipates a project cost of more than $1.2 million.

Founded in 1955, Futuramic bills itself as a full-service design and build company, taking a customer’s idea from concept to installation. As a worldwide supplier of fixtures, gauges, tooling and machined parts, the company is continuously upgrading its CNC machinery and processes, to meet customer demands and needs. For more information on the company, visit www.futuramic.com.

Brewery business booming in Brevard County.

[Hydrosaurus Brewing logo, with a "Coming Soon" stamp overlayed.]

HydroSaurus Brewing Company, a start-up brewery company, has announced plans to acquire an existing commercial parcel in downtown Titusville and convert the site into a beverage production area, taproom, and café. According to owner Nicole Corning, the project is expected to result in a capital outlay of over $2 million. An existing building at the site will be removed, and a 4,000 sq. ft. building and patio area will be constructed in its place, with space for a small-scale brewery and bottling operation. HydroSaurus will produce small batch craft beer at the facility/café, then bottle and distribute its product line to bars and restaurants in east central Florida.

For more details, go to www.hydrosaurusbrewing.com. HydroSaurus joins two other breweries currently operating in Titusville: Playalinda Brewing Company and The BRIX Project (which began operations in 2015 and 2018, respectively). Due to rapid population growth in Melbourne, Titusville, and Palm Bay, more breweries have emerged throughout Brevard County. Recognizing this development, the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast and the Space Coast Office of Tourism recently created the “Space Coast Beer Trail,” which pairs unique craft beers in the county with the many types of rockets being launched at Cape Canaveral.

Go to https://launchesandlagers.com/, and see what it takes to earn a “Launches and Lagers” mission patch!

Local Employment Data

The table below shows the latest economic statistics for the northern part of Brevard County, Florida (principally the communities of Mims, Port St. John, Scottsmoor, and Titusville), according to seasonally unadjusted figures from the Florida Department of Commerce.

DataDecember 2023December 2022Percentage Change
Titusville Unemployment Rate3.4%2.5%No Data
Titusville Labor Force Size22,65022,2641.73%
County Unemployment Rate3.1%2.3%No Data
County Labor Force Size304,633299,6341.67%
State Unemployment Rate2.9%2.3%No Data
State Labor Force Size11,122,00010,862,0002.39%

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[Titusville Police logo.]

Promoting Teamwork within our community – 1100 John Glenn Blvd., Titusville, FL 32780 — PH 321-264-7800

Titusville Police Department - By the Numbers

  • Current Employment Statistics:
    • 95 Sworn Officers filled (budgeted goal of 103 sworn)
    • 55 civilian positions filled
  • Titusville Police Department’s Communications Division/911 Public Service Telecommunicators answered 94,932 calls for service, including:
    • 31,835 emergency calls
    • 98% of which were high-priority urgent calls answered with a less than 10-second average.
  • Traffic Increase Response:
    • Traffic enforcement unit staffing increased 100% as a direct response to Titusville roadway traffic increase due to substantial growth in the city population.
  • Commitment to School and Student Safety:
    • 11 Full-time School Resource Officers
    • 9 stationed at all public elementary, middle, and high schools
    • 1 stationed at a local charter school
    • 1 stationed at a local private school.
  • Keep Titusville Beautiful and Compliant — in 2023 the Titusville Police Department’s Code Enforcement Division responded to:
    • 5,330 reactive and proactive inspections with an average response time of 1 day
    • Initiating the Business Trespass Program; providing blanket trespass initiatives and resources for business owners to register their business and contact information quickly. This enabled police to ensure business security and staff safety during calls for service.
  • Community Outreach — Titusville Police Department hosted, facilitated, participated, and/or attended over 300 outreach events in 2023, fostering community relations citywide.

[3D graphic of a Titusville Police Office badge.]

Traffic Unit Getting Results

[Photo over the shoulder of a police officer using a radar gun on traffic.] Caption: In 2021, speeding was the contributing factor in more than one-third, or 12,330 traffic crash deaths, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

As the City of Titusville continues seeing increased population, new business growth, and a booming space launch tourism industry, traffic has also increased significantly. As a direct response to this growth, Titusville Police Department worked diligently to increase citywide enforcement visibility and improve road safety.

In a focused effort to maintain safe roadways, the Traffic Unit increased its staffing by 100% to 4 officers. Their full-time duties are dedicated to enforcing traffic laws, educating motorists, and citing non-compliant drivers with either a verbal warning, written warning, or a citation.

When traffic statistics between January and March 2023, are compared to those between January and March 2024, significant gains in traffic safety were achieved, including:

  • Overall Traffic Crashes decreased by approximately 6%
  • Traffic Crashes with Injuries decreased by approximately 13%
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Arrests increased by approximately 38%
  • Traffic Stops increased by approximately 125%

The results of these efforts are impressive, but more needs to be done. It requires everyone’s involvement to ensure safe roadways for our residents and our guests. DRIVE SAFE TITUSVILLE!

Page 29 Talking Points /April 2024

[Titusville Fire Department logo.]

Titusville Fire Department

550 S. Washington Ave. — Titusville, FL 32796 — 321.567.3800

Titusville Fire gifted life-saving equipment for pets.

Several weeks ago, one of our amazing followers told us about an organization that supplies Pet-sized Oxygen Mask Kits for free to first responders. After filling out a request for these kits, we were later contacted by the staff Mona Pants Foundation who related kits were on the way! We want to express our gratitude for providing these much-needed kits for our apparatus.

[Photo of new pet-sized oxygen masks sitting on the front of a fire engine.]

The Mona Pants Foundation raises funds to supply first responders with Petsized Oxygen Mask Kits. At Mona Pants, our mission is to get these kits on every emergency response vehicle. Our program supplies pet oxygen mask kits to first responders across the country, ensuring that our furry friends receive proper care in emergency situations.

Each kit costs about $85-$100. These kits help first responders provide life-saving oxygen to pets who have been involved in fires, smoke inhalation, and other emergencies. We believe that every pet deserves to receive the same level of care and attention as their human counterparts.

EMS Week May 19-25, 2004

Help us celebrate our first responders for EMS Week! We are looking for sponsors to provide lunch, snacks, or a fun experience for our Firefighters. In 2023, we responded to over 6,500 medical calls. We trained over 2,500 hours focusing on EMS skills. We have a total 69 certified Firefighters and EMT’s. Currently 39 of these men and women are Paramedics. If you are interested in participating please contact Kerri Lubeski at 321-567-3804 or at kerri.lubeski@titusville.com

Upcoming Events

  • April 27 - Touch-a-Truck (see page 25)
  • May 4 - Hero Picnic at Good Shepherd Lutheran ChurchGood Shepherd Lutheran Church is hosting their annual picnic
    with local first responders. Come and hang out with us, get some free food, and enjoy some entertainment. 11 AM – 2 PM at
    2073 Garden Street.

Pet Fire Safety

[Photo of several dogs on leashes.]

Pets give us comfort, friendship, and unconditional love. Our connection to them can be among the strongest relationship in our lives. But pets can cause fires. We need to be careful with pets in the home.

Safety Tips:

  • Pets are curious. They may bump into, tum on, or knock over cooking equipment. Keep pets away from stoves .and countertops.
  • Keep pets away from candles, lamps, and space heaters.
  • Always use a metal or heat-tempered glass screen on a fireplace and keep it in place.
  • Keep pets away from a chimney's outside vents. Have a "pet-free zone" of at least 3 feet (1 meter) away from the fireplace. Glass doors and screens can stay dangerously hot for several hours after the fire goes out.
  • Consider battery-operated, flameless candles. They can look and smell like real candles.
  • Some pets are chewers. Watch pets to make sure they don't chew through electrical cords. Have any problems checked by a professional.

Smoke Alarms:

  • Have working smoke alarms on every level of the home. Test your smoke alarms at least once a month.
  • If the smoke alarm sounds, get out and stay out.
  • Never go back inside for pets in a fire. Tell firefighters if your pet is trapped.

Come learn how to save a life with our free American Red Cross Hands-Only CPR Class.

Pets and Wildfires: Make sure pets are included in your family's wildfire evacuation plan. Build an evacuation kit for each pet in you household. Ensure each kit is a size and weight that can be quickly and easily loaded into a vehicle when packing to evacuate.

[Photo of a cat.]

Fact: Pets or wild animals have a part in starting about 750 home fires per year. These involve cooking equipment, fireplaces and chimneys, space heaters, lamps, bulbs, wiring, and candles.

National Fire Protection Association nfpa.org/education

Page 30 Talking Points /April 2024

Riverwalk Apartments

[Photo of a new apartment complex, with "Open For Business" stamp superimposed overtop.] Apartments are open for rental at the new complex located at 5305 S. Washington Avenue.

El Heredero

[Photo of a new restaurant, with "Open For Business" stamp superimposed overtop.] The new Mexican restaurant opened its doors in January at 3486 S. Hopkins Avenue.

Burger Rob's

[Photo of a restaurant entrance, with "Open For Business" stamp superimposed overtop.] The popular restaurant has opened at its new location in Downtown Titusville.

Maker's Mix

[Photo small building, with "Open For Business" stamp superimposed overtop.] A new instructional arts and crafts studio has recently opened at 920 Cheney Highway.

Royal Sushi Grill & Thai

[Photo of a restaurant entrance, with "Open For Business" stamp superimposed overtop.] A new Japanese restaurant has opened its doors at 2510 S. Washington Avenue, Suite 160, in Titus Landing.

Game Space

[Photo inside a store showing game tables, with "Open For Business" stamp superimposed overtop.] The gaming and hobby store relocated to a new storefront inside Titusville Mall in early April.

[Titusville multicolor logotype.]

Follow us on Social Media:

City of Titusville Social Media

[Facebook Logo] cityoftitusville

[Twitter Logo] @Titusville

[Instagram Logo] @cityoftitusville

[YouTube Logo] CityofTitusville

Page 31 Talking Points /April 2024

[Photo of an old church.]

St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church, located at 414 Pine Street, was awarded a $34,800 matching reimbursem*nt grant for a new roof from the City of Titusville’s Community Redevelopment Agency on November 14. The roof has now been completed and the church has been reimbursed after all receipts were submitted.

St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church is located within the City’s CRA district and is designated on the local historic register and on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The CRA offers various grants of up to $40,000 to qualified applicants as part of the program.

[Photo of a public meeting inside a church.]

On January 29, 2024, the CRA held a Community Outreach meeting St. Gabriels Episcopal Church regarding the vision and future for the Downtown Titusville and CRA areas. Information was also given about the available CRA commercial business grants. For information on Community Redevelopment Agency building business grants contact Sue Williams at 321-567-3860.

Building Department


Business Tax Receipts (Occupational Licenses)


City Clerk


City Hall Main Number


City Hall FAX Number


City Manager’s Office


Code Enforcement


Community Advocate


Customer Service (Utility Billing)


Economic Development


Fire Department (Non-Emergency)


Fire Public Education


Human Resources




Neighborhood Services


Municipal Marina




Planning Department


Police (Non-Emergency)


Police / Fire Rescue (Emergency)


Solid Waste




Stormwater (After Hours Emergency)


Streets Maintenance


Water Field Operations (Water Main Break)


Water Main Break (After Hours Emergency)


Water Conservation Program


LED Sign Information


Be sure to check out

the City of Titusville website


[Graphic depicting the home page of Titusville.com, showing people doing recreational activities along the river, under a bridge.]

Watch city meetings and other programming on TitusvilleCityTV

Spectrum Channel 498

AT&T U-verse Channel 99

Page 32 Talking Points /April 2024

[Back Cover - graphic featuring oranges, an old map, and a aerial view of a city road.]

[Photo of Andrew Jackson Gibson.]

Public Engagement Event

Join us for the kick-off event, Joynerville & Beyond. Visit the North Brevard Senior Center

  • Share your history and bring your photos!
  • Participate in an interactive mapping exercise to help identify historical landmarks and events.

Monday, April 29, 2024, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the North Brevard Senior Center, 909 Lane Ave., Titusville, FL 32780. Contact Planning@Titusville.com or 321-567-3782.

Historic Preservation Board Annual Workshop

Titusville African American neighborhoods and surrounding areas are considered a significantly underrepresented part of the City's past history preservation efforts. Their places of historic and current residence and commerce are the focus of this year's Historic Preservation Board workshop. Workshop speakers:

  • Stantec Consultants
    • Joynerville & Beyond: Project Update
  • Ennis Davis, AICP
    • Principal, Community Planning Collaborative
  • James Shackleford
    • Moving History Documentary

Thursday, May 16, 2024, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Harry T. Moore Social Services Center, 725 S. Deleon Ave., Titusville, FL 32780. Contact Planning@Titusville.com or 321-567-3782.

[QR scan code to: Titusville.com/Joynerville]

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