State champions Powdersville, Southside Christian lead final Super 25 baseball rankings (2024)

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Here are the final Upstate Super 25 rankings of the high school baseball season with a pair of state champions at the top.

1. Powdersville

Record: 25-10

What to know: Powdersville won its first state championship, taking the Class AAA title in three games against Hanahan after losing the opener. The Patriots went 8-2 to win Region 2 by two games ahead of Belton-Honea Path and Fountain Inn.

2. Southside Christian

Record: 27-7

What to know: Southside Christian won its third consecutive state championship in Class A by sweeping Latta in two games, the final by mercy rule. The Sabres won their last 13 games and during that streak outscored opponents, 119-24.

3. Easley

Record: 25-6

What to know: Easley played for the Class AAAA Upper State championship against Laurens and lost a pair of one-run games. The Green Wave took the Region 1 title with a 13-2 mark.

4. Blue Ridge

Record: 25-8

What to know: Blue Ridge won Region 3-AAA (7-1) and made it all the way to the Upper State championship against Powdersville.

5. Daniel

Record: 20-11

What to know: Daniel finished tied for first with Crescent in Region 1-AAA but had a No. 2 seed in the playoffs. The Lions won their bracket, however, to reach the Upper State finals.

6. Byrnes

Record: 21-7-1

What to know: Byrnes went 11-1 in the loaded Region 2-AAAAA and won 15 of 16 down the stretch. The Rebels went 1-2 in the playoffs, eliminated by region foe Gaffney.

7. Dorman

Record: 18-14

What to know: Dorman finished 5-7 in Region 2-AAAAA for a No. 4 seed in the playoffs. But the Cavaliers swept through their district and won a game in the Upper State finals.

8. Fountain Inn

Record: 18-10

What to know: Despite finishing with a No. 3 seed from Region 2-AAA, behind Powdersville and Belton-Honea Path, Fountain Inn won its district and made the Upper State finals.

9. Belton-Honea Path

Record: 18-9

What to know: Belton-Honea Path finished two games behind eventual state champion Powdersville in Region 2-AAA, tied with Fountain Inn. The Bears won a game in districts.

10. Crescent

Record: 20-7

What to know: Crescent finished tied for first with Daniel in Region 3-AAA and took the No. 1 seed. The Hurricanes won a first-round game but lost to Fountain Inn and Woodruff.

11. Union County

Record: 14-9

What to know: Union County finished a game out of first place in Region 4-AAA. Had to settle for a No. 3 seed in the playoffs and made it to the district final against Blue Ridge.

12. Wren

Record: 15-15

What to know: Wren was the fourth seed from Region 2-AAA, making the playoffs by tiebreaker against Palmetto, but made the district final against Daniel.

13. Boiling Springs

Record: 17-10-1

What to know: Boiling Springs finished second in Region 2-AAAAA for a No. 2 seed in district play and went 1-2 with a win against Woodmont.

14. Spartanburg

Record: 17-13

What to know: Spartanburg finished tied with Dorman for third place in Region 2-AAAAA, took the No. 3 seed and beat No. 1 seed T.L. Hanna in a district elimination game.

15. T.L. Hanna

Record: 15-13

What to know: T.L. Hanna won Region 1-AAAAA with a 9-3 record, two games ahead of Hillcrest. The Yellow Jackets went 0-2 in the playoffs, however, eliminated by Spartanburg.

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16. Greer

Record: 20-9

What to know: Greer was 8-4 in Region 2-AAAA, one game behind Laurens, had a No. 6 overall seed in the Upper State and went 2-2 in the playoffs.

17. Riverside

Record: 16-15

What to know: Riverside was a No. 10 overall seed among 16 in the Class AAAA Upper State and lost its first playoff game. The Warriors then won four straight to reach the semifinals.

18. J.L. Mann

Record: 16-14

What to know: J.L. Mann went5-7 in Region 1-AAAAA, making the playoffs only by a three-way tiebreaker, and still made it to the Upper State finals.

19. Blacksburg

Record: 14-12

What to know: Blacksburg finished second to Chesnee in Region 1-AA, only one game behind, and reached the district championship game.

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20. Chesnee

Record: 10-17

What to know: Chesnee won Region 1-AA with a 7-1 record and went 1-2 in the playoffs with a win in an elimination game.

21. Woodruff

Record: 12-15-1

What to know: Woodruff finished tied with Union County for second in Region 4-AAA, one game behind Clinton. The Wolverines made it to the district final against Fountain Inn.

22. Gaffney

Record: 12-17

What to know: Gaffney had a difficult regular season and went just 2-10 in Region II-AAAAA. But the Indians did eliminate region winner Byrnes in the district playoff.

23. Landrum

Record: 17-12

What to know: Landrum finished third in Region 2-AA, behind winner Chesnee and also Blacksburg. The Cardinals made it to the district championship game.

24. Greenville

Record: 10-10

What to know: Greenville went 7-5 in Region 1-AAAA, one game behind Greenwood in a region won by Easley. The Red Raiders did not win a playoff game.

25. Christ Church

Record: 12-16

What to know: Christ Church was the second-best team in its region and proved to be the second-best in the Upper State as well, losing both to Southside Christian.

This article originally appeared on Herald-Journal: SCHSL baseball: Powdersville, Southside Christian top final rankings

State champions Powdersville, Southside Christian lead final Super 25 baseball rankings (2024)
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